• Bring existing wells back into Production
  • Increase production to 100-150 BBLS/Day
  • Preserve Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Land

Phase 1: Well Re-Works

  • Clean out the bottom of existing wells
  • Replace rods, pipe, and downhole pumps where necessary
  • Install Enercat in wells with high paraffin content

Phase 2: Tank Battery Instillation

  • Install new tank batteries on existing locations
  • Eliminate long & old pipelines

Phase 3: Re-Completion

  • Diversified identified 3-6 wells as candidates to re-complete
  • Creates an estimated increase in production of 30-35 BBLS/Day per well. 

Re-Work Program Summary Chart

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 1.09.07 PM.png