Areas Of Exploration


San Juan Basin, New Mexico

  • Diversified purchased of BIYA Operating, Inc.  in October 2014
  • Operates on 10,000 acres in the Horseshoe Gallup Field
  • 54 current well locations and 55 potential vertical and horizontal drilling locations
  • The main Formations are the Gallup and Tocito Sands as well as the source formation, the Mancos Shale
  • In August 2017 Diversified began its re-work program
    • Re-worked 24 of 50 wells
    • Increased production from 20 BBLS/D  to approximately 80 BBLS/D (See Production Operations for More Details)
  • Upon completion of the re-work program, Diversified intends to start a well re-completion program and begin permitting additional wells for a shallow vertical drilling program. 

Denver-Julesberg Basin, Colorado

  • Diversified acquired 4 wells in the DJ Basin in the acquisition of Energy Oil & Gas
  • Diversified plans to re-complete each of the wells thereby increasing production by approximately 32 BBLS/D
  • The  Main formations are the Niobrara Shale, Codell Shale, and Greenhorn Limestone
  • The DJ Basin currently has more than 20,000 producing oil and gas wells.
  • Diversified Resources' DJ Basin strategy is to acquire acreage and production capable of increasing  cash flow and reserves
DJ map.png